Brent Venables’ Wife Julie to Undergo Surgery for Medical Condition


“Julie Venables, wife of OU football coach Brent Venables, prepares to tackle surgery with the same resilience and strength she has shown supporting the team’s victories on and off the field.”

OU football coach Brent Venables’ wife, Julie, is set to undergo surgery in the coming weeks. The exact nature of the surgery has not been disclosed, but sources close to the family say it is necessary and not a cause for immediate concern.

Julie Venables has been a pillar of support for her husband throughout his coaching career, and her health has always been a priority for the family. As such, the decision to proceed with surgery was made after careful consideration and consultation with medical professionals.

The Venables family is known for their strong bond and resilience, and they are confident that Julie will come out of the surgery successfully. Coach Venables has expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support from the community and asks for privacy during this time.

While the surgery will undoubtedly affect the family’s daily routines, Coach Venables remains dedicated to his role as the head coach of the OU football team. He has been working closely with his coaching staff to ensure a smooth transition and to keep the team focused during this challenging period.

The OU football community has rallied behind the Venables family, offering words of encouragement and support. Players and staff have expressed their confidence in Coach Venables’ ability to navigate this personal challenge while continuing to lead the team with the same passion and dedication.

As the surgery date approaches, the focus remains on Julie’s well-being and a successful outcome. The Venables family appreciates the prayers and positive thoughts from the OU football community and asks for continued support during this time.

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