Brevard Woman Charged with DUI Manslaughter After Tragically Running Over Husband While Searching for Lost Dog, Sheriff Reports


“In a tragic turn of events, a Brevard wife charged with DUI manslaughter inadvertently ran over her own husband while desperately searching for their beloved family dog.”

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office recently announced that a woman has been charged with DUI manslaughter after tragically running over her husband while searching for their missing dog. The incident occurred late in the evening, when the couple decided to search for their beloved pet, who had wandered off. The wife, under the influence of alcohol, got behind the wheel and began driving around their neighborhood. Tragically, she accidentally struck her husband, who was also on foot, causing severe injuries that proved fatal.

Emergency services were immediately called to the scene, but despite their efforts, the husband succumbed to his injuries. The wife was taken into custody and subsequently charged with DUI manslaughter, as authorities determined that her impaired state contributed to the tragic accident. It is a heartbreaking turn of events for the couple’s family and friends, who now must grapple with the loss of a loved one and the legal consequences facing the wife.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office emphasized the importance of responsible alcohol consumption and urged individuals to find alternative means of transportation if they are under the influence. They also highlighted the dangers of distracted driving, as the wife’s focus on finding their dog detracted from her attention on the road.

The incident serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences that can result from impaired driving. It is a tragic reminder to prioritize safety and make responsible choices when operating a vehicle. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office will continue to investigate the case thoroughly to ensure justice is served.

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