BuzzFeed Reveals 19 Celebrity Wax Figures That Are Absolutely Horrifying


“From uncanny resemblances gone wrong to downright nightmare-inducing creations, these 19 celebrity wax figures will make you question the art of sculpture and leave you wondering if they were made by amateurs or pranksters.”

Wax figures are supposed to be a realistic representation of celebrities, but sometimes they miss the mark completely. In a recent unveiling, a famous celebrity’s wax figure left fans in shock and disbelief. The figure looked nothing like the actual celebrity, with distorted facial features and disproportionate body proportions. Fans took to social media to express their disappointment, calling the wax figure “creepy” and “nightmare-inducing.” This isn’t the first time that a wax figure has received backlash for its lack of resemblance. In fact, there have been numerous instances where wax figures have been widely criticized for their inaccurate portrayal of celebrities. From misshapen faces to bizarre poses, these wax figures have left fans questioning the skill and accuracy of the artists behind them. While some celebrities have taken the poor wax figures in stride, others have expressed their disappointment and disbelief. It raises the question of why these wax figures continue to be created if they don’t accurately represent the celebrities they are supposed to depict. As fans continue to flock to wax museums around the world, they can only hope that future wax figures will be more true-to-life and less nightmare-inducing.

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