Cate Blanchett’s £3M Cornwall Property Purchase Sparks Outrage: Locals Protest Amid Concerns for Coastal Wildlife Habitat


“Cate Blanchett’s foray into Cornwall’s ‘Hollywood-On-Sea’ sparks a passionate debate, as the actress and her husband’s ambitious eco-home project clashes with locals’ concerns over coastal wildlife preservation.”

Actress Cate Blanchett and her husband have recently made headlines after purchasing two prime building plots in Cornwall’s popular coastal area known as ‘Hollywood-On-Sea’. The couple reportedly spent nearly £3 million on the properties, which has sparked controversy among furious locals.

The purchase has raised concerns among environmental activists and residents who claim that Blanchett’s planned eco-home will damage the coastal wildlife habitat. The sprawling design of the house has been criticized for its potential impact on the local ecosystem.

Cornwall, renowned for its rugged beauty and diverse wildlife, attracts visitors from around the world. However, some locals fear that the construction of such a large residence could disrupt the delicate balance of the area’s biodiversity.

While Blanchett and her husband have not publicly addressed the criticism, they are known for their commitment to environmental causes. The couple has previously advocated for sustainable living and invested in eco-friendly projects.

The Duchy of Cate, as the area has been jokingly dubbed by some residents, continues to be a popular destination for celebrities seeking tranquility and privacy. However, this recent controversy highlights the ongoing tension between development and environmental preservation in the region.

As locals voice their concerns, it remains to be seen how Blanchett and her husband will address the accusations and whether any modifications will be made to the design of their eco-home to mitigate its potential impact on the coastal wildlife habitat.

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