Corona Police Department Investigates Facebook Marketplace Transaction Leading to Robbery


“Corona Police Department takes swift action as they delve into a captivating case, unraveling a robbery plot connected to a seemingly innocent Facebook Marketplace transaction.”

The Corona Police Department is currently investigating a robbery that took place during a transaction through the Facebook Marketplace. The incident occurred when two individuals met to complete a sale arranged on the online platform.

According to the police, the victim had arranged to meet the suspect in a public place to purchase an item listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace. However, during the meeting, the suspect allegedly brandished a weapon and demanded the victim’s money and personal belongings.

The victim complied with the suspect’s demands, and the suspect fled the scene with the stolen items. The victim immediately contacted the police, who arrived promptly to gather evidence and take statements from witnesses.

Authorities are reminding residents to exercise caution when conducting transactions through online platforms like Facebook Marketplace. They advise meeting in well-lit, public places and bringing a friend or family member as an added precaution. Additionally, it is recommended to inform someone about the details of the transaction, including the meeting location and time, as well as exchanging contact information with the seller or buyer.

The Corona Police Department is actively working on identifying the suspect and urges anyone with information related to the incident to come forward. They also encourage individuals who may have experienced similar incidents to report them promptly.

This case serves as a reminder of the risks involved in online transactions and the importance of personal safety. The police department’s investigation aims to bring the suspect to justice and prevent further incidents within the community.

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