Disney 100 Quiz Answers for TikTok Game: Test Your Disney Knowledge Today!


“Unlock the magic of Disney with our TikTok game today! Get ready to test your knowledge and discover the answers to the top 100 Disney quiz questions. From classic characters to iconic movies, let’s dive into the enchanting world of Disney together!”

The Disney 100 Quiz has taken TikTok by storm, challenging users to test their knowledge of all things Disney. From classic characters to iconic songs, this quiz has it all. So, if you’re a Disney fanatic, get ready to put your skills to the test with these answers!

1. Who is Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend? Minnie Mouse.
2. What is the name of the Beast in “Beauty and the Beast”? Prince Adam.
3. Which Disney princess has a pet tiger named Rajah? Jasmine.
4. What is the name of the little boy who flies to Neverland in “Peter Pan”? Peter Pan.
5. Which Disney movie features the song “Let It Go”? Frozen.
6. Who is the villain in “The Little Mermaid”? Ursula.
7. What is the name of Simba’s father in “The Lion King”? Mufasa.
8. Which Disney princess has seven dwarfs as friends? Snow White.
9. What is the name of the fairy in “Sleeping Beauty”? Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.
10. Who is the voice behind Buzz Lightyear in “Toy Story”? Tim Allen.

These answers will surely help you conquer the Disney 100 Quiz on TikTok. So, gather your friends and family, and let the fun begin! Show off your Disney knowledge and see who can score the highest. Get ready for a magical experience filled with nostalgia and excitement. Good luck!

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