Emerging Artists Jessica Leigh, Arkells, asiris, and SUNSCREEN Make Waves in The Underground Roundup


“From the soulful melodies of Jessica Leigh to the electrifying energy of Arkells, the underground music scene is ablaze with talent. And let’s not forget the hauntingly beautiful sounds of asiris and the sun-kissed vibes of SUNSCREEN. Get ready for a musical journey that will leave you craving more!”

In a recent edition of The Underground Roundup, music enthusiasts were treated to a diverse range of artists and genres. Among the featured acts were Jessica Leigh, Arkells, asiris, and SUNSCREEN.

Starting off the roundup, Jessica Leigh showcased her undeniable talent with her latest single. The singer-songwriter captivated listeners with her soulful vocals and introspective lyrics. Her unique sound effortlessly melded elements of folk, pop, and indie rock, leaving fans eagerly awaiting her next release.

Next up, Arkells made waves with their energetic and anthemic tunes. The Canadian rock band delivered a powerhouse performance, blending infectious melodies with thought-provoking lyrics. Their music resonated with crowds, creating an electric atmosphere at their live shows.

Meanwhile, asiris brought a fresh perspective to the electronic music scene. The up-and-coming producer mesmerized audiences with his innovative soundscapes and intricate beats. His experimental approach pushed boundaries and ignited a buzz within the underground music community.

Lastly, SUNSCREEN emerged as a rising force in the indie pop realm. The Australian band effortlessly crafted catchy hooks and infectious melodies that left listeners craving more. Their music, filled with introspection and nostalgia, struck a chord with fans and garnered critical acclaim.

These four artists highlighted the vibrant and ever-evolving music landscape found within The Underground Roundup. From Jessica Leigh’s soulful storytelling to Arkells’ anthemic rock, asiris’ experimental beats, and SUNSCREEN’s indie pop charm, there was something for everyone to discover and appreciate. Stay tuned to The Underground Roundup for more exciting releases and emerging talent.

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