Euphoria Star Chloe Cherry Faces Backlash for Controversial TikTok Video


“Euphoria’s Chloe Cherry finds herself in the spotlight as she’s playfully mocked over a viral TikTok video, proving that even the most glamorous stars can have a down-to-earth sense of humor!”

Euphoria’s Chloe Cherry has recently faced backlash after a TikTok video of her went viral, sparking a wave of criticism and mockery from netizens. In the video, Cherry can be seen dancing to a popular song, attempting to showcase her moves. However, many viewers were quick to point out what they believed to be a lack of rhythm and coordination in her performance.

The comments section of the video quickly filled with sarcastic remarks and memes, with some users even questioning her talent and abilities as an actress. While some defended Cherry, stating that the video was meant to be lighthearted and should not be taken too seriously, others argued that her participation in a widely watched show like Euphoria should have equipped her with better dancing skills.

Cherry, who has yet to publicly address the criticism, is known for her role as Cassie Howard in the hit HBO series Euphoria. The show has gained a significant following since it premiered in 2019, tackling various sensitive topics such as drug addiction, mental health, and sexuality.

As with many viral TikTok videos, Cherry’s dance moves have become a subject of scrutiny and amusement for social media users. While the video may have unintentionally attracted negative attention, it has also sparked conversations about the pressures faced by actors and actresses in the age of social media, where every move is scrutinized and subject to public opinion.

Whether Cherry will address the backlash or choose to ignore it remains to be seen. However, this incident serves as a reminder of the power of social media and its ability to shape public perceptions and opinions.

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