Facebook Users in Illinois Await Third and Final Payout from $650 Million Biometric Privacy Settlement


“Attention all Illinois Facebook users: Don’t miss out on your chance to claim your ‘third and final’ check from the groundbreaking $650 million biometric privacy settlement! Ensure your voice is heard and your privacy protected by filing your claim now. This is your opportunity to hold tech giants accountable and receive compensation for the unauthorized use of your biometric data. Join thousands of others in Illinois and secure what you deserve today!”

Illinois Facebook users are eagerly awaiting the third and final check from a record-breaking $650 million biometric privacy settlement. The settlement, which was reached in January 2020, stems from a class-action lawsuit alleging that Facebook violated the state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).

Under BIPA, companies are required to obtain explicit consent from individuals before collecting their biometric data, such as facial recognition scans. Facebook was accused of collecting and storing users’ biometric data without their consent, thereby violating their privacy rights.

The settlement was hailed as a significant victory for privacy advocates, as it not only provided monetary compensation to affected users but also required Facebook to implement certain changes to its facial recognition practices. These changes include obtaining informed consent from users and providing them with a clear and conspicuous notice about the collection and use of their biometric data.

The settlement was divided into three separate payments, with the first and second checks already distributed to eligible claimants. These checks, amounting to $200 each, served as initial compensations for the privacy violations suffered by Facebook users in Illinois.

Now, Facebook users in Illinois are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the third and final check. This last payment is expected to be the largest, making up the remaining balance of the settlement fund after administrative costs and the distribution of the first two checks. The exact amount of the final check will depend on the number of eligible claimants who successfully filed their claims.

While the distribution of the final check is imminent, both Facebook and the settlement administrators are working diligently to ensure that all eligible claimants receive their compensation. The process involves verifying claimant information and ensuring that all necessary documentation is in order.

Overall, the $650 million biometric privacy settlement serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting individuals’ privacy rights in an increasingly digital world. It also highlights the potential consequences that companies may face for violating such rights. As Facebook users in Illinois eagerly await their third and final check, this landmark settlement continues to shape the landscape of biometric privacy laws and regulations across the country.

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