Jake Roberts Criticizes Celebrities’ Involvement in Pro Wrestling: “They’re Just in It for the Fame”


“Jake Roberts sheds light on the intriguing dynamic of celebrities stepping into the wrestling ring, revealing the untold stories behind their involvement and the impact it has on the industry.”

Jake Roberts, a legendary professional wrestler, recently spoke out about the trend of celebrities getting involved in the world of pro wrestling. In an interview with PWMania, Roberts expressed his concerns about the impact these celebrities have on the industry.

Roberts argued that while some celebrities bring a certain level of excitement and publicity to wrestling events, their lack of training and dedication to the craft can be detrimental. He emphasized that wrestling is not just about performing stunts but requires years of hard work, physical conditioning, and understanding of the psychology behind the sport.

The former WWE star also criticized the notion of celebrities being given main event spots or championship opportunities without earning them. According to Roberts, this undermines the efforts of professional wrestlers who have dedicated their lives to the sport and have worked their way up the ranks.

Furthermore, Roberts expressed his frustration with celebrities using wrestling as a platform to promote their own projects or gain personal fame. He believes that this takes away from the true essence of wrestling, which is about connecting with the audience and telling compelling stories in the ring.

Despite his criticism, Roberts acknowledged that there have been a few celebrities who have genuinely embraced wrestling and shown great respect for the industry. He mentioned stars like Mr. T and Floyd Mayweather Jr., who put in the effort to learn the craft and truly entertain the fans.

In conclusion, Jake Roberts believes that while celebrities can bring attention to the world of pro wrestling, their involvement should not overshadow the hard work and dedication of the professional wrestlers themselves. He hopes that the industry will prioritize the true artistry of wrestling and not simply rely on celebrity appearances for short-term gains.

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