Karnataka Cobbler’s Rise to Stardom: Invited by PM Modi to Witness Republic Day Parade


“From mending shoes to marching alongside the nation’s leaders, a Karnataka cobbler’s inspiring journey unfolds as he turns into a celebrity, all thanks to Prime Minister Modi’s special invitation to witness the grandeur of the Republic Day Parade.”

A humble cobbler from Karnataka has become an overnight sensation after receiving a personal invitation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi. Ramesh Kumar, who has been repairing shoes in a small town in Karnataka for the past 30 years, was handpicked by the Prime Minister himself for his extraordinary dedication and hard work.

Ramesh Kumar’s journey from obscurity to the national spotlight began when a video of him diligently repairing shoes under a tree went viral on social media. Impressed by his skills and commitment, PM Modi extended an invitation to him to witness the grandeur of the Republic Day celebrations in the capital.

The news of Ramesh Kumar’s invitation spread like wildfire, and he soon found himself inundated with media requests. Journalists and reporters flocked to his humble shop, eager to capture his story and document his journey. The once-unknown cobbler suddenly found himself thrust into the limelight, with people from all over the country wanting to know more about him.

Ramesh Kumar’s newfound celebrity status has not only brought him recognition but also opened doors to opportunities he never dreamed of. Several prominent personalities and organizations have come forward to offer their support and help him expand his small business. Ramesh Kumar’s story has inspired many, reminding people that hard work and dedication can truly make dreams come true.

As Ramesh Kumar prepares to embark on his journey to the capital, he remains grounded and grateful for the incredible turn of events in his life. He acknowledges that it is not just his skill as a cobbler but also the support of the community and the encouragement of his customers that have brought him this far.

The story of Ramesh Kumar serves as a shining example of how a simple act of kindness and recognition from a leader can transform the life of an ordinary citizen. It highlights the power of social media in bringing hidden talents to the forefront and the impact that a small gesture of appreciation can have on someone’s life.

As Ramesh Kumar heads to Delhi to witness the Republic Day Parade, the nation eagerly waits to see how this extraordinary journey unfolds and what the future holds for this unlikely celebrity.

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