Kelly Clarkson Clears the Air: I Did Not Bash Taylor Swift or Travis Kelce, Sets the Record Straight on Instagram


“Kelly Clarkson sets the record straight on Instagram, dismissing rumors of Taylor Swift feud and celebrating her friendship with Travis Kelce!”

In a recent Instagram post, Kelly Clarkson addressed rumors circulating about her allegedly bashing fellow artist Taylor Swift. The singer vehemently denied these claims, stating that she has nothing but admiration and respect for Swift’s talent and success. Clarkson highlighted the importance of supporting and empowering other women in the industry, dismissing any notion of rivalry between them.

Additionally, Clarkson took the opportunity to clarify another rumor that suggested she had made negative comments about Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end, Travis Kelce. The singer emphasized that she has never publicly spoken ill of Kelce or any other sports personalities, expressing her appreciation for their athletic abilities and dedication.

The Instagram post garnered a lot of attention from fans and followers who were relieved to hear Clarkson’s side of the story. Many praised her for promoting unity and positivity in an industry often plagued by gossip and feuds. Clarkson’s words served as a reminder that it’s essential to rely on accurate information and avoid jumping to conclusions based on baseless rumors.

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