Los 10 podcasts más escuchados hoy en Spotify Ecuador: Descubre las tendencias del audio digital


“Descubre los podcasts más populares en Ecuador hoy, desde cautivantes historias de misterio hasta inspiradores programas de desarrollo personal, Spotify te ofrece una lista de los 10 podcasts más reproducidos que te mantendrán enganchado durante horas.”

According to the latest data from Spotify Ecuador, here are the top 10 most played podcasts today:

1. “El Podcast de Alex Fernández” – Comedian Alex Fernández shares humorous anecdotes and interviews with guests from the entertainment industry.

2. “TED en Español” – A collection of TED Talks in Spanish, covering a wide range of topics from science and technology to personal development and storytelling.

3. “Entiende Tu Mente” – A podcast focused on mental health and self-improvement, offering practical advice and strategies to achieve emotional well-being.

4. “Historias de Pueblo” – Hosted by journalist and writer Martín Caparrós, this podcast explores the untold stories of ordinary people and their experiences in different communities.

5. “El Hilo” – Journalists Lucía Martínez and Iker Armentia analyze and discuss current news stories, offering in-depth analysis and different perspectives on the issues that matter.

6. “Radio Ambulante” – A Spanish-language podcast that tells compelling and thought-provoking stories from across Latin America, highlighting the diversity and richness of the region.

7. “Nadie Sabe Nada” – Comedians Andreu Buenafuente and Berto Romero engage in spontaneous and hilarious conversations, answering questions from the audience and improvising sketches.

8. “Emprende” – Hosted by Juanma Romero, this podcast offers advice and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, featuring interviews with successful business leaders and experts.

9. “La Biblioteca Perdida” – A podcast dedicated to literature, exploring hidden gems and forgotten classics through discussions and book recommendations.

10. “Espacio en Blanco” – Investigative journalist Miguel Blanco delves into mysteries, conspiracy theories, and paranormal phenomena, inviting experts and witnesses to share their experiences and insights.

These top 10 podcasts reflect the diverse interests and preferences of Spotify users in Ecuador, providing a mix of entertainment, education, and thought-provoking content. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh, personal growth, or an escape into the unknown, there’s something for everyone in this list.

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