Meghan McCain Condemns Ariana Madix’s “Mean Girl Stuff” After Being Cropped Out and Blocked on Instagram


“Meghan McCain slams Ariana Madix’s ‘mean girl’ behavior after being cropped out of a picture and blocked on Instagram, shedding light on the negative consequences of social media and the importance of promoting kindness online.”

Meghan McCain recently took to social media to express her frustration with “Vanderpump Rules” star Ariana Madix. The television personality called out Madix for cropping her out of a picture and subsequently blocking her on Instagram.

McCain, known for her outspoken nature, didn’t hold back in her criticism of Madix’s actions. She described the incident as “mean girl stuff” and expressed disappointment in the reality star’s behavior.

The incident occurred when Madix posted a group picture on Instagram, but apparently decided to crop McCain out of the image. The move was seen by many as intentional and sparked speculation about a potential feud between the two.

Adding insult to injury, Madix then proceeded to block McCain on the social media platform, preventing her from seeing any future posts or engaging with her content. McCain, who is no stranger to online conflicts, decided to address the situation publicly.

While the exact reason for the cropping and subsequent blocking remains unclear, McCain’s public call-out has drawn attention to the incident. Fans of both McCain and Madix have been weighing in on social media, with some criticizing Madix for her actions and others defending her right to control her own social media presence.

As of now, neither Madix nor McCain have further commented on the situation. It remains to be seen whether this incident will escalate or if the two will find a way to resolve their differences. In the meantime, fans will be eagerly watching to see how this “mean girl stuff” drama unfolds.

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