Ministry of Health Denies Exaggerated Information Circulated on Facebook


“Ministry of Health sets the record straight, debunking viral Facebook posts riddled with exaggerated claims and urging public not to fall prey to misinformation.”

The Ministry of Health has recently issued a statement to denounce the circulation of exaggerated and misleading information on Facebook regarding the current health situation. The Ministry emphasized that these claims are baseless and could potentially create unnecessary panic among the public.

According to the statement, a number of Facebook posts have been spreading false information about the severity of certain health conditions, as well as the effectiveness of various medical treatments. The Ministry clarified that these claims have no scientific basis and urged the public not to believe or share such content without verifying its authenticity.

Furthermore, the Ministry highlighted the importance of obtaining information from reliable sources, such as official government websites or trusted health organizations. It emphasized that spreading unverified information can have serious consequences, leading to confusion and fear among the population.

The Ministry of Health reassured the public that it is working diligently to provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding health issues. It urged individuals to rely on official channels for news and updates, as these sources are constantly monitored and verified by medical experts.

In conclusion, the Ministry of Health strongly denies the exaggerated information shared on Facebook and urges the public to be cautious and responsible when consuming and sharing health-related content on social media platforms.

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