Nebraska Joins 40 Other States in Filing Lawsuit Against Meta, Facebook and Instagram’s Parent Company


“Nebraska’s bold step to join forces with 40 other states in suing Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, sends a resounding message that no tech giant is above the law when it comes to safeguarding users’ privacy and promoting fair competition in the digital landscape.”

Nebraska has joined forces with 40 other states to file a lawsuit against Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram. The lawsuit alleges that Meta has engaged in anti-competitive practices and violated antitrust laws, stifling competition in the social media market.

The lawsuit claims that Meta has maintained its dominance by acquiring potential competitors and restricting their growth. It also accuses the company of engaging in anti-competitive behavior by imposing unfair terms and conditions on developers, limiting their ability to innovate and offer alternative platforms.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson, along with his counterparts from other states, argues that Meta’s anti-competitive practices have harmed consumers by reducing choices and potentially leading to increased prices for advertising and other services.

The lawsuit seeks to hold Meta accountable for its actions and requests remedies that would restore competition in the social media market. The attorneys general are also calling for measures to prevent Meta from engaging in similar anti-competitive practices in the future.

This lawsuit comes as regulators and lawmakers worldwide are scrutinizing the power and influence of tech giants like Meta. The company’s dominance in the social media space has raised concerns about privacy, misinformation, and the impact on democratic processes.

Nebraska’s participation in this lawsuit highlights the growing consensus among states that action needs to be taken to curb the perceived anti-competitive practices of Meta and ensure a fair and competitive digital marketplace.

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