New Feature on Spotify Allows Users to See and Share Friends’ Music Activity


“Unlock the musical secrets of your friendship and dive into a world of shared playlists, favorite artists, and hidden gems as you discover how to effortlessly tune in to your friend’s Spotify activity!”

Have you ever wondered what your friends are listening to on Spotify? Well, now you can find out! Spotify has introduced a new feature that allows you to see your friends’ activity on the platform. This means you can see what songs they are listening to in real-time, as well as what playlists they are creating and following.

To access this feature, simply go to your friend’s profile on Spotify. If they have enabled the “Share my activity” option, you will be able to see their recent activity. This includes the songs they have recently played, as well as any playlists they have created or followed.

This new feature is a great way to discover new music and connect with your friends over shared interests. You can easily see what your friends are into at the moment and even listen to the same songs or playlists together. It’s a fun and interactive way to stay connected with your friends through music.

However, it’s important to note that this feature is opt-in, meaning your friends have to enable it for you to see their activity. So, if you want to share your music taste with your friends, make sure to turn on the “Share my activity” option in your Spotify settings.

Overall, this new feature adds a social element to the Spotify experience, allowing you to connect with your friends through music. So, start exploring your friends’ activity on Spotify and discover new songs and playlists that you might not have found otherwise.

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