New Hampshire Takes Legal Action Against Facebook and Instagram Parent Company for Allegedly Enabling App Addiction in Children


“NH takes a stand against digital addiction: Lawsuit against Facebook and Instagram’s parent company highlights the urgent need to protect our children from the perils of app addiction.”

The state of New Hampshire has filed a lawsuit against Facebook and its subsidiary, Instagram, alleging that the social media platforms have been intentionally designed to hook children on their apps. The lawsuit claims that Facebook and Instagram use deceptive tactics to keep users, particularly children, engaged for long periods of time, leading to negative impacts on their mental health and overall well-being.

According to the lawsuit, Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms are specifically designed to promote addictive behaviors and exploit users’ psychological vulnerabilities. The platforms allegedly employ tactics such as push notifications, autoplaying videos, and endless scrolling to keep users hooked and encourage excessive usage. The lawsuit also accuses the companies of failing to adequately protect children from harmful content, cyberbullying, and predatory behavior.

New Hampshire’s Attorney General argues that Facebook and Instagram’s practices violate the state’s consumer protection laws and have resulted in significant harm to its residents, particularly children. The lawsuit seeks to hold the social media giants accountable for their actions and to obtain monetary damages for the affected individuals.

This lawsuit comes amidst growing concerns about the impact of social media on mental health, particularly among young users. Numerous studies have linked excessive social media use to increased rates of depression, anxiety, and body image issues among teenagers. Advocacy groups and lawmakers have been calling for stricter regulations on social media platforms to protect users, especially minors, from potential harm.

Facebook and Instagram have faced similar legal challenges in the past, with several lawsuits filed against them by individuals and organizations across the United States. The outcome of this lawsuit could have far-reaching implications for the regulation and accountability of social media platforms, as well as the protection of children online.

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