Ryan Gosling Named Hottest Celebrity Target for Hackers in McAfee’s 2023 List


“Ryan Gosling’s captivating portrayal of a hacker in ‘Blade Runner 2049’ has not only earned him critical acclaim, but also a top spot on McAfee’s 2023 Hacker Celebrity Hot List, proving his on-screen skills can mesmerize even the cyberworld.”

Ryan Gosling has once again proved his popularity, but this time it’s not for his acting skills. The Hollywood heartthrob has topped McAfee’s 2023 Hacker Celebrity Hot List, showcasing his desirability among hackers.

McAfee, the renowned cybersecurity company, annually compiles a list of celebrities whose names are most likely to lead users to malicious websites and potentially harmful content. The aim is to raise awareness about the risks associated with cybercrime and encourage internet users to be cautious while searching for information about their favorite stars.

Gosling’s popularity on the list can be attributed to his highly anticipated upcoming movie, which has attracted significant attention from both fans and cybercriminals alike. Hackers often exploit the public’s curiosity by creating fake websites and links related to trending topics, leading unsuspecting users to harmful sites.

The list serves as a reminder that cybercriminals are constantly adapting their tactics to exploit the public’s interest in celebrities. It highlights the need for internet users to exercise caution and adopt security measures such as using reputable search engines and avoiding suspicious websites.

McAfee’s annual Hacker Celebrity Hot List includes various other prominent figures from the entertainment industry, including actors, musicians, and even social media stars. These individuals are chosen based on their popularity and the likelihood of cybercriminals using their names as bait.

While it may seem surprising to see Ryan Gosling at the top of this list, it serves as a reminder that cybercrime is a significant threat in today’s digital age. As fans eagerly await Gosling’s upcoming movie, they should remain vigilant and stay informed about the potential risks associated with their online searches.

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