Social Media Roasts Gordon Ramsay for ‘Out of Touch’ Culinary Advice


“Even Gordon Ramsay’s culinary expertise couldn’t save him from being roasted over the grill of public opinion as his ‘out of touch’ viral advice left viewers hungry for more relatable tips.”

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is facing backlash and being mocked on social media over what some are calling “out of touch” advice he recently shared. In a viral video, Ramsay can be seen advising his followers to only use fresh ingredients in their cooking, stating that using pre-packaged or frozen items is unacceptable.

While Ramsay’s intentions may have been to promote the importance of using high-quality ingredients, many online users are criticizing his advice as unrealistic and disconnected from the realities of everyday cooking. Critics argue that not everyone has access to fresh ingredients or the time and resources to buy them regularly, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

Social media users have taken to Twitter and other platforms to share their thoughts, with some sarcastically mocking Ramsay’s advice by showcasing their own creative dishes made with canned or frozen ingredients. Others have expressed frustration at the celebrity chef’s apparent lack of understanding of the challenges faced by everyday home cooks.

This isn’t the first time Ramsay has faced criticism for his culinary advice. In the past, he has been accused of promoting an elitist approach to cooking, focusing heavily on expensive ingredients and gourmet techniques. While many admire Ramsay’s talent and expertise in the kitchen, his latest viral video has sparked a debate on the accessibility and practicality of his advice.

As the debate continues to unfold online, it serves as a reminder of the diverse range of cooking abilities, budgets, and circumstances that people have. While fresh ingredients may be ideal, it’s important to recognize that not everyone can always adhere to such standards. Perhaps, as celebrity chefs continue to share their expertise, it would be beneficial to offer a more inclusive perspective that acknowledges and addresses the challenges faced by a broader audience.

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