Spotify House at SXSW Sydney: RADAR, EQUAL, and K-Music Showcase Dominates


“Experience a sonic revolution as SXSW Sydney, RADAR, EQUAL, and K-Music join forces to electrify the Spotify House, bringing you a dynamic blend of cutting-edge sounds from around the globe.”

At SXSW Sydney, RADAR, EQUAL, and K-Music Take Over Spotify House — Spotify

SXSW Sydney was taken by storm as Spotify House hosted a lineup of talented artists from their RADAR, EQUAL, and K-Music programs. The event showcased the diversity and creativity of emerging musicians, drawing a massive crowd of music lovers.

RADAR, Spotify’s platform for highlighting up-and-coming artists, presented a mix of genres including pop, R&B, and alternative. The performances were a testament to the program’s commitment to supporting emerging talent and providing them with a global platform.

EQUAL, Spotify’s initiative to promote gender equality in the music industry, brought together a lineup of phenomenal female artists. The performances not only showcased their incredible talent but also shed light on the importance of equal representation and opportunities for women in the music industry.

K-Music, a program dedicated to promoting Korean music globally, was also a highlight of the event. The performances by K-Pop and K-Hip Hop artists captivated the audience, showcasing the global appeal and influence of Korean music.

The Spotify House at SXSW Sydney provided a unique opportunity for music enthusiasts to discover new artists and immerse themselves in a diverse range of musical styles. With RADAR, EQUAL, and K-Music programs, Spotify continues to be at the forefront of supporting emerging artists and promoting inclusivity in the music industry.

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