Spotify Receives Backlash in India as Free Users Express Discontent with Recent Updates


“Spotify’s recent updates for free users in India spark controversy, leaving music enthusiasts questioning the platform’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.”

Streaming giant Spotify is facing backlash from free users in India over recent updates to its service. The company has made changes to its free tier, limiting the ability to skip tracks and removing the option to play specific songs on demand. These updates have sparked outrage among users who feel that they are being unfairly restricted in their listening experience. Many users have taken to social media to voice their frustration, using hashtags such as #BoycottSpotify and #SpotifyUpdates to express their dissatisfaction. Some users have even threatened to switch to rival streaming platforms. In response to the backlash, Spotify has stated that these changes are necessary to support the continued availability of free music on its platform. However, many users argue that these updates are a step backward and are considering alternative options for their streaming needs. The company now faces the challenge of appeasing its disgruntled user base and retaining their loyalty in the highly competitive streaming market in India.

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