Understanding Female Ejaculation: Debunking Myths and Addressing Concerns


The sudden increase in squirting can be a result of various factors, so it’s important to approach the situation with open communication rather than jumping to conclusions about infidelity.

In a recent discussion on the online advice column [Two Pronged], a concerned individual sought guidance regarding their wife’s sudden increase in ‘squirting’ during sexual encounters. The anonymous writer expressed worry that this change in their partner’s sexual behavior could be indicative of infidelity.

Seeking expert advice, the writer turned to the column’s resident psychologist and relationship expert for insight into this perplexing situation. The expert responded by debunking the commonly held misconception that increased ‘squirting’ is directly linked to infidelity.

The psychologist explained that ‘squirting’ is a natural physiological response that can vary in intensity and frequency based on various factors such as arousal levels, hormonal changes, and individual anatomy. While it is understandable for the writer to be concerned about sudden changes in their partner’s sexual behavior, the expert emphasized the importance of open communication and trust in addressing such concerns.

The expert advised the writer to approach the topic with sensitivity and curiosity rather than suspicion. Engaging in an honest and non-judgmental conversation with their wife would help shed light on any underlying factors contributing to the change in sexual response. Moreover, the expert encouraged the couple to explore the possibility of seeking professional help, such as seeing a sex therapist or counselor, to better understand and navigate this new phase in their sexual relationship.

Ultimately, the psychologist reassured the writer that changes in sexual behavior do not automatically equate to infidelity. Instead, they should focus on fostering open communication and trust, which are foundational to a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

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