Winnipeg Jets Coach Rick Bowness Takes Leave of Absence Following Wife’s Seizure


“Our thoughts and prayers are with Coach Rick Bowness and his wife during this challenging time. We fully support his decision to take a leave of absence to be by her side as she recovers from a seizure. Family always comes first, and we stand united as a team in offering our unwavering support to Coach Bowness and his family.”

Winnipeg Jets coach Rick Bowness has taken a temporary leave of absence from his coaching duties after his wife suffered a seizure. The team announced that Bowness will be away from the team indefinitely to focus on his family and support his wife during this difficult time.

Bowness, who has been with the Jets since 2017, is highly respected within the organization and the hockey community. Known for his dedication and strong work ethic, he has played a significant role in the team’s success over the years.

The news of Bowness’s leave has come as a shock to the Jets and their fans, as the team is currently in the middle of an intense playoff race. However, the organization fully supports Bowness’s decision to prioritize his family’s well-being during this challenging period.

Assistant coach Mike Smith will take over Bowness’s responsibilities in his absence. Smith, who has been with the Jets since 2018, is well-equipped to handle the team’s coaching duties and maintain their momentum.

The Jets players and staff have rallied around Bowness and his family, offering their support and understanding during this difficult time. They are confident that Bowness will return to the team when the time is right, and in the meantime, they will do their best to continue performing at a high level.

The Winnipeg Jets organization asks for privacy and respect for the Bowness family during this challenging period. They appreciate the understanding of the fans and the media as they navigate through this personal crisis.

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