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Unveiling the Challenges Faced by Internet’s Rapid Growth in the Face of Soaring Denial-of-Service Attacks

SEO Friendly News Article A Direct Relationship Between Increasing Internet Traffic and Threats, Says Netscout Report Introduction A new report today from cybersecurity company Netscout Systems Inc. reveals a direct relationship between increasing internet traffic and threats and the inherent challenges faced by organizations globally, given the current network security landscape. Increased Attacks and Internet ...

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🚀🔥 Bitcoin’s popularity is soaring, but the inscription craze is causing a backlog! ⌛️ Thousands of confirmations delayed, but don’t panic! 🙌 #Bitcoin #TransactionBacklog #CryptoCraze #ConfirmationDelay #HODLStrong

Introduction Over the years, Bitcoin’s network has been no stranger to long lines of transactions waiting to get confirmed, which forces fees to skyrocket and triggers alarms across Crypto Twitter and beyond. And the network is currently going through another bout of congestion, observed Bitcoin on-chain analyst Willy Woo. Record-High Mempool “The mempool is now ...